Dark Cake Trends 2016

Dark Cake Trends 2016, fashions come and go but when it comes to baking 2016 is all about the dark and mysterious, the rich and decadent. Here are some of our favourites for our little corner of North Norfolk for the up and coming year, it’s darkly fascinating.BlackCherry

When you think of cake for weddings, birthdays or other celebrations a dark cake maybe isn’t neccesarily a first thought. Maybe nice old chocolate cake might hit the spot, but move over Mr Hum Drum Chocolate cake, reveal centre stage a rich dark fudgey chocolate cake made with a hint of coffee, or a delectable Guinness cake resplendent with a dreamy cream cheese topping. More often than not my special celebration orders are requests for my gingerbread cake and cinnamon frosting which has been a favourite for the past couple of years, along with new pal Salted Caramel and its glorious cascade of molten caramel with crunches of sea salt.  They’re partnering up on some occasions too – nothing says we’re having a party like calorific abandonment and pure cakery hedonism!!

sweetie cake

To whet the appetite we have firstly have a couple of cupcakes and big cakes after my own heart, we’ve added caramel popcorn, halved Maltesers, crunchie bars, fudge and other sweet treats with a good glug of caramel on a caramel cake and matching buttercream.


Smartened up these topped cakes can be simply stunning with some precise dribbling and piping, crowned with buttery crumble on a sticky toffee inspired cake.


A meeting in the middle from the naked cake fascination that still holds true and cake tables is a pudding cake.  Think of your favourite comfort puds and pile ’em up with Chantilly cream and beautifully shiny toffee sauce.  something for everyone, it’s a sure-fire winner!


If there are no allergy sufferers amongst your number (of which we could cater for undoubtedly) there’s a rather smashing peanut thing going on out there. Peanutty hot drinks have been hitting the shops and Reese’s Peanut Cups are over here and have no fear. We love ’em.  Perfect for your fellow nut lovers out there.


More dark and brooding naked cakes, there’s plenty for everyone to whet all appetites.


If cultured and swish is favoured how about this immaculate black fondant covered cake with our favourite gold leaf technique on the base cake, simply stunning.  Evergreens compliment the black and gold to perfection. Adorable.


Still comfortably in its groove is the faithful naked cake of 2014/15.  It’s a look that’s still going strong as a tall, dark silhouette adorned with seasonal fruits and blooms.

yDark-Wedding-Cakes-Golden-Hour-Studios Dark-Wedding-Cakes-Refresh-The-Colagrossis

If these or any of the other cakes on our site or blog have captured you imagination contact us on 07932 874576 or email us on

 Winner of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 2015 ‘Gingerbread Lighthouse’ as_seen_on


Pin Party

 Pin Party

 Wedding Season has started in earnest; we’ve already been baking for nuptials across the county.  Skimming through Pintrest there are some beautiful and inspiring collections, simple, stunning and timeless.

Buns of Fun have a number of weekend dates for 2015 which are rapidly disappearing, if you wait too long you might not get your date. Contact details at the bottom. Have you had a scoot around our Pintrest boards? @bunsoffunEmma on Pintrest ‘Weddingism’.

Kicking off our short but uber sweet post we have a beaut. Simple and elegant, green and chilled, perfect for a relaxed, informal wedding at home or rustic setting. Pinned from


We are creating cake tables for Festival and Picnic Weddings…Pick a bunch of your favourite cakes and bake goodies, we have cake plates and stands to borrow for small change.  We can quote for you at the time of placing your order. We have some rather fab pals at The Little Lending Co who have all sorts of unique staging items to make your celebrations truly individual.


Pinned on The Wedding Scoop.

We love this whimsical, romantic cake – already re-Pinned 38 times!  It’s a stylish number and perfectly proportioned with sequined, gold pearled tiers and boho ruffles.


Found on

Aqua as a colour and washed out colours are still taking favour for celebration cakes.  Actually a First Birthday cake from Hostess With The Mostest blog, still stunning enough in it’s simplictity to take part in our Pin party


And as our business name suggests, we’re game for a giggle why not add a bit of Fun and personalise it – how about this for something for the boys (or girls)?


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Friday’s Quickie – Seven Spectacular Pins

As a Pinpest sometimes I find it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak, there’s oodles of cakes to choose from on Pintrest.  A bewilderment of baking some may say.  Stop – take a minute and admire the craveable creations we’ve Pinned this week.  It was a toughy to stop at seven..

blog7 blog6

I adore the natural fell of these two cakes and that greenery is gorgeous whether on a buttercream cake or a more traditional cake tower.

blog5 blog4

We’re experimenting with doodles on cakes so watch this space for Buns brushstrokes..

blog3 blog2

Lastly, florals in any way or shape we love ’em!  We’re also partial to a bit of bling!