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We love our job and helping your plan fantastic days to remember and it’s always so much more Fun when things run smoothly.  Please read and understand our Terms & Conditions before placing your order – once an order is confirmed is assumed that you are in agreement with the missives below.

Buns of Fun Bakery Terms & Conditions:

(Including but not exhaustive) Bakery, Rental, Cupcake Class and Spa’fternoon Tea™:

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before ordering from Buns of Fun Bakery.

From time to time, Buns of Fun may update these, so please check latest for version before placing any orders.

Your order will be processed on the basis of the current Terms & Conditions published on bunsoffun.co.uk. By placing your order you will be confirming your understanding and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

Confirmation of bookings, Deposits and payments

Orders will be regarded as provisional until the agreed deposit, or full payment, has been made.  A £50 booking deposit is required to secure the order. Please note deposits are neither refundable nor transferable, except under exceptional circumstances.

If the total order value is less than £50, payment in full is required in order to secure the order/booking.

The client must confirm the number of guests to be catered for no less than 6 weeks prior to the event and any outstanding payment must be made at this time.

If additional services are required after the initial consultation and receipt of booking deposit there will be an additional fee of £15 per hour to cover any additional labour intensive items, technical drawings or further research requests.

Until payment in full is received we regret that the order cannot be completed.

Forms of payment

Buns of Fun are able to accept the following forms of payment: BACS, Cheque, cash or PayPal (please note there is a small surcharge for using PayPal).

Cancellation fees

All cancellation requests must be made in writing to bunsoffun@hotmail.co.uk.

Buns of Fun are not able to make any refunds in the event that the stated guest numbers are reduced for any reason following the final invoice, or if there are fewer than the agreed guest numbers attending a Cupcake Class or Spa’fternoon Tea.

Any refunds will be made entirely at the discretion of Buns of Fun on a case by case basis.

Equipment hire & damages

Equipment hire is to be requested and agreed at time of booking. The appropriate charge will be added to the catering costs and the total fee will be subject to the Terms and Conditions

The hirer shall be responsible for the cost of repairs for any damage to any part of the hired equipment including contents and decoration which may occur during the hire period. In the case of loss of equipment the cost of a replacement item will be charged.

Should Buns of Fun not be given access to the event premises to set up at the agreed delivery and set-up time, the venue management will be responsible for set up and any necessary replenishment during the event.

Buns of Fun shall not be responsible for any individual’s personal effects brought to the event.

Collection of Equipment

Whenever possible an agreement will be made prior to the event regarding delivery and collection of equipment (i.e. cake stands, glassware, table cloths, bunting, props or other decoration etc).

If any equipment has to be left on site after our staff have left and requires collection, a charge for this service may be requested. Alternatively the equipment can be returned to our premises free of charge.

Food Safety / Left-over Food

Buns of Fun advise that all food be consumed within 24 hours of hours of the initial serving. Bun of Fun cannot accept any responsibility for food consumed after this period. This is entirely at the discretion of the client.

Once the finished item has been delivered into the clients care we accept no responsibility for damage or imperfections after the handover (e.g. dropped cakes, broken sugar-work etc).


Not all of our products are made with nuts. We work in a domestic kitchen that has been awarded a ‘5’ score from North Norfolk District Council for the Food Standards Agency but is very busy and we cannot guarantee the absence of nut traces in every product.

If you or any of your guests have any allergies, this must be notified to Buns of Fun at point of order.

Please visit http://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/top-allergy-types.pdf for further information. There are 14 main allergens, wheat, milk, eggs being among them.

Payment for goods confirms understanding and acceptance of all Terms and Conditions. Buns of Fun are not liable for any allergic reactions to product ingredients that have not been specifically highlighted for exclusion prior to baking.  Every product is freshly made for each order.

Client Privacy

The information you provide to Buns of Fun will be confidential and not passed to any third party. You will not be spammed, nor contacted unnecessarily. All personal details regarding your order are confidential.

Buns of Fun reserve the right to use photos of your order at any time on our website, or through our social media pages:

Twitter:             @bunsoffunemma

Instagram:       @bunsoffunemma

Facebook:       Buns of Fun Bakery

We will never divulge information about the client without prior consent.

All photos provided by Buns of Fun are property of Buns of Fun.  Use of these photos by third parties must credit Buns of Fun Bakery alongside any image made public.

All rights of the designs lie with Buns of Fun and can only be used by the client for personal consumption and use.

[image courtesy of Big Phat Photos]

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