2018 Wedding Cake Inspiration

Whats your Wedding cake inspiration for 2018?

2018 is already shaping up to be a playful year for wedding cakes. We’ve got inspiration for you if your wedding is this year or next.  Dates are filling up for 2019 too so get ‘cracking’ (couldn’t resist a baking related pun there).

Who doesn’t love nude?

We adore a naked, nudes or demi nudes as much as the next person.  Versatile and ever changeable the Nudes et al are still here and ever clothed in riches of dripped chocolate, salted caramel or dotted iwth confectionary and edible flowers. A blank canvas of wedding cake for the baker / artist to create a palette of colour, flavour and texture.



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give me some texture

Texture is one of the component decorative parts of wedding cakes on the rise. We love vanilla bean buttercream tinted and smeared; palette knifed or brushed on, it’s is my kinda cake heaven.  Perfect for adding the taosted coconut slivers, olive leaves and apricots pictured here at a recent Voewood wedding.

bang!  colour’s here

Colour is evolving, some blush and vibrant colours appearing much to my delight. Miidnight cakes and the contrast of what’s ‘the norm’ i.e. the white or nude cakes pales and recedes at the sight of an inky design.  Creative pops of colour are just the ticket, as are coloured drips. Now drip cakes have been my passion for the longest while and a shiny chocolate drip is lush. I get my thrills are when the colour spills. Be it pastel, neon or even gold, I’m there ready to melt and tip.

image big phat photos

Gorgeous gold

Gold is still very much a party piece and we colour block it, brushed and burnish, we add it to long silky drips, spotted onto peaks of butter-cream. How about gold leaf dashed onto luscious scented fruits like cherries, figs, passion-fruit, blackberries and strawberries. Wherever you add a gold it adds a touch of  luxe and drama.

Fresh ‘n’ Fruity

Fruits & Green holds a very special place in my heart. I love the melding of something hand-made and carefully crafted sitting side by side with natures own fair hand. Sugar flowers are ok and they have their use for longevity but leave me cold when compared to the real scent of a heady bloom. We use the real deal. To to catch the clarity of a rosemary sprig in your senses or a whiff of mint, the perfume of ripe split fruits oozing their juices is divine. It’s positively rude not to dive in and enjoy a hedonistic slice.

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